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Crystal Maidens MOD APK 2020

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Oct 17, 2020
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The world of the Crystal Maidens is captured by a powerful wizard who dominates and controls the young Maidens to make their orders. With the help of magical crystals, you have to fight this evil and call the harem of beautiful Maidens to free the slaves of the world!

About Crystal Maidens

If your ship sinks in the battle against this dark force, blow up the ship on an alien island with a mysterious portal. With the help of magical crystals, you have to fight this evil and call the harem of beautiful Maidens to free the slaves of the world!

Fight your way through lush green forests, burning deserts, icy peaks, and cool castles to destroy the dark forces that pervade the world.

Key Features


Maidens are the characters that the player will fight with. They can be obtained from gacha, event prizes, daily login gin prizes, or trophies. They can also be found in campaigns, as enemies and with NPCs that involve the player just before combat.

Animated sex scene

Every maiden you collect for your harem includes very detailed, uncensored HD animated sex scenes.

Collect, call, upgrade, and romanticize your favorite girls and see their incredible hentai scenes!

Real-time strategy gameplay

You decide which girls are the best for each battle!

Real-time action in a 3D environment with a variety of strategic options: no two battles are alike!

Destructive spells, crack with an ax, differentiate with arrows, or mix and match. It's your choice!

PVP and ranking

When you are comfortable, move your skills and your Maidens to the PVP arena. Conquer your enemies and jump on the leaderboard and earn great rewards!

New feature!

The boss campaign includes upscale and game bosses, powerful specialty items, tool kits, and gorgeous Maidens.

And much more!

Assemble and customize your Maidens through complete skills and crafting systems.

Build and upgrade buildings for access to powerful bonuses.

Explore the vast world with many exotic locations.

Be sure to come back often!

Content is updated regularly and your parents will remember you if you stay too long!

Build your team, defeat your enemies, get great rewards, and enjoy spectacular animated scenes!

Build your team, defeat your enemies, get great rewards, and enjoy the animated scenes!

Crystal Maidens Overview

The concept of haram is very popular for a specific reason. One of them is the obvious fact that they are basically a group of sexy, ambitious women who are there for your enjoyment. With that in mind, how can we not immerse ourselves in the beautiful world of Crystal Maidens? The game features the best of adult gambling involving strategy, role-playing, and of course, hot Maidens. How many em.

Your adventure begins with a greeting and tells you about a dark wizard who controls the brains of an army of young men. There are parts of his dark tower spread all over the country that must be destroyed before it can be destroyed - you and your maids are called to fight. Crystal Maidens will not miss the opportunity to remind you why you are assigned this magical - and soon to be - perverted mission. From GetGo, the game wants you more.

When Crystal Maidens are full of graphic and provocative sex scenes, you have to flirt (and manage) to get the sexy satisfaction you are looking for. The use of crystals you collect during the mission is part of the strategy as each of them is linked to an element that your maternal boss will respond to. Change them to flirt and slowly let them answer your curiosity. It just makes you curious to learn more - oh, the sweet taste of impatience! In addition to the long list of young women available, the game also gives you the opportunity to prolong your sexual victory to parents who are happier around you.

While seduction and romance are an important component of the game, Crystal Maidens is a game of its own. Arming your virgin, as well as planning defense and attack strategies, are key components to the success of your mission. Don’t you think you can make your way attractive and let your women work? They need your back!

But that's just one big thing about this game; Numerous possibilities for fun. From the statehouse to the game of war, your days (and nights) will soon be found in the most beautiful way. Getting lost in clever scripts and excessive sex scenes, how should the steam sticking through the whole story be let go? Once you've completed the main campaigns, you can test your maidens with the full challenge with the Epic Boss campaign, where you can prepare special items and teens - but it won't be easy. Of course, we can guarantee you will have a good time.

Hurry up now, warrior! These countries and hearts cannot conquer each other.

Crystal Maidens Review

Nothing will make a player happier than sex appeal and beautiful women. Fortunately, in this real-time strategy game (RTS), the play Crystal Maidens is a symbol of sexual desire and temptation in the form of beautiful Amazonian-looking women who will fight to the last breath to save you, their beloved God. In this fantasy world, you run your wild fantasies and see the desires of mystical teenagers in you. If you are looking for a game with high-quality erotic cuts, I highly recommend Crystal Maidens! From the beginning, players will be immersed in an exciting experience with graphics that they will soon forget.

Crystal Maidens gameplay is pretty fun. Point-and-click controls are easy to navigate and provide a smooth experience to the player. In addition, the cuteness furthers the story and makes the player really succumb to lust. Since each young woman has her own personality, Nutku adopts personal skills, which makes the fight unique and challenging. Players should always be aware of the matchings that suit the maidens and they need to be upgraded to their maidens!

For some of you who enjoy a good RTS game with some emotional cuteness, Crystal Maidens is the game for you. This is a very fun game. So this is your first time playing Crystal Maidens!

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