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Darklings Season 2 APK 2022

App By:
1.8 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 23, 2017
Required Android:
4.0.3 and up
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Darklings Season 2 is watching the continuation called Darklings predecessor, yet only black and white came to the mysterious world. In this black and white world, the Dark Lord was the world in darkness by the underwater. This time it was a mighty player newcomer to us. This time the players are playing a vampire glow. Players must take courageous values ​​and appear again in the divine light. In the previous work, it has a lot of gas, God-made content, whether to fill the content, to add a certain amount of game props and fillings for those scenes, a good continuation of the essence of this game.

Black and white game screen The highlight of this game is a very good atmosphere of black and white silhouette play, the wide face of this black and white world gives us a sense of unknown and other types of peace threat, among the shady woods, stone, and strange monsters thus. Create a gaming environment. Those who have already played the game screen player, are still more familiar with our screens, though.

In my opinion, this game is on two topics. First, it is a former plant drama. Secondly, to ensure the specific content based on the game. After the game screen, because before the player's screen under the symbol of the monster head, the player can only move according to the game, now also on the pattern of operation, that is, to clean the monster correctly. When these little monsters network, you get little stars. These little stars are worth the money and rely on them for upgrades like shields and later screws. Except when used only as light energy, these stars can disappear from the screen to extend the game time, but more importantly, end the game. (Add-ons are complete because as long as the stars are quite small, you can redeem your favorite ghost, but it was also one of the images being displayed and wishing to display the Monster Monster)

Overall, that foundation was filled with the sequel, rich and more interesting content and quite dazzling events playing the usual black and white world. The game genre is very unique, the whole thing is wrapped in a mysterious dark, bright white star to play before the player to control the white devil, in the same way, given some small level Nigg, head glowing pattern, the only player according to the runes. Use their appearance, you can have a lot of beat friends, not to mention the little stars gather stars through something like a little monster explosion Can be a bit, you can put the game to extend the time to enhance the shopping.

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