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1.1.12 for Android
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Jun 24, 2020
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6.0 and up
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"Dead Cells" is a horizontal action game. The screen layering is great when the character rotates and when you sprint you can feel the height, come down from the height and take an elevator.

The descriptions in the level are also very extensive. Each level has a different style. Small objects can also interact in some scenes. If it hangs on an iron chain that passes through the chandelier, it resonates. Can ring a bell in an attack. Props or gems may also be hidden in the walls of some scenes. It’s also a design that will make people laugh when they accidentally break down. The game's light source is also very convenient to use. The faint moonlight of the fading moon also changes while walking, and the lighting effect during the fight is beautiful and does not shine. Although the current pay generation uses technology to create games, the genre still retains the unique flavor of traditional pixel-style work, but it is rarely seen.

The biggest feature of this game is that it has no checkpoints. After death, you can continue and the player can kill only one life until the end. And each death level resets the map and leaves only certain features (time gate, treasure chest, etc.), and the terrain and landscape are radically changed.

Every time you die, the position of money, cell, weapon and player become stronger. Only unlocked weapons, skills and tangible runs will be maintained. It will be like a new game every time you start the game.

But with each death, even the slightest, the player has really developed in skill or technique to learn from repeated mistakes and face new challenges, the essence of the game. Is. However, you have to start a new game at the same level after death, the level will also be rearranged with death and the game experience will change accordingly. Also, it's fun to try out different weapon combinations and explore new ways to play.

There are four bosses in the game that can be challenged, and each boss has certain rules, which are more difficult. Although the goal of the game is to finish the game, after defeating the last boss you can get 4 basic cells which can increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. However, if you become addicted, you can easily continue to fight the pain.

Because every time you die you have to start all over again. Cells, money, weapons, and strong character status will be reset, but some data will remain, i.e. cells, unlocked weapons, and the ability to stimulate players to change. Yet every strong state is rearranged with death.

Through the cell, the player can unlock the number of bottles of blood and the money invested on death. If you don't want to continue using rust knives and broken wooden shawls when you start, you can also use random starting weapons and cells to unlock random starting wooden shawl functions, so you currently have an open weapon at the beginning of weapon selection.

Weapons recipes can really be considered in the character development section. Once the player has obtained the dish, it is possible to obtain it randomly in the game or purchase it from the store when the cells are used to unlock these weapons. In addition to the underlying attack methods and properties of the weapon, the weapons can also add special effects.

It left a lasting impression on me. It will start almost after death, not only that, the level terrain will be randomly regenerated, forcing the player to become desperate.

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