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Shadow Fight 3 APK 2021

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1.24.3 for Android
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Mar 31, 2021
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4.1 and up
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Download Shadow Fight 3 APK 1.24.3 + Mod: Freeze the enemy

The game has been updated to the official version, we can do the installation to play. Many may call the previous "Shadow Fight 2" in the heart of God. Classic royal animation, Eastern martial arts, traditional and varied weapons still have a good understanding of the operation.

One big change that anyone can see at a glance is that a number of iconic objects like Shadow Fight are placed on the screen. After all, everything has to continue over time. I think the style change is still very successful. Action details also show a clear understanding of 3D. While this pay generation has upgraded their skills and equipment skills to weapons, releasing the buttons will turn the Shadow into obscure positions. This setting only explains the feeling of the hierarchy of Fight, but for some older players, you will also regret it.

Compared to previous advances it is still very clear, the image quality with the previous upgrade is very high, the background atmosphere looks very refined, although the cartoon style is used, but again and in terms of characteristic the lighting effects are also good. Also, the most surprising change is that the original use of the silhouette's screen design was replaced by the character on fire, the players no longer exist and eventually their own control roles and roles appear longer in the anime. - ApkMix.cOm

By entering the beginner's training level for straight players, the game is similar to traditional fighting game operations on mobile platforms. The game's virtual joystick button will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen, up and down and including the left and right games. Tilted in eight directions when located to the right of the screen attack button, the main attack buttons are just two types of fist and fit plus a special attack button, but don't look at the game's attack. There are not many types of keys, but with the right arrow keys the player uses the character role for a variety of skills and attack moves so that there are special requirements for the player, or.

In addition to simple combat, the game includes systems of devices. By wearing devices, players can improve the role of related features and perform combat battles while others inflict more damage and reduce Fight damage when the player gains access to equipment. You can see the corresponding device card on current device items. When the player wears devices in the role of the body, the player also sees the role, the property improves, as the appearance of the character changes. When someone is found in combat, even if the attack is not the other side of the blood, it is necessary to keep an eye on the changing gear. One piece.

Overall, the game has improved a lot compared to the previous game, but I don't know because the game is still in the testing phase, as the experience progresses, sometimes even small ketones or lost frames appear hits, especially the feeling is very good, especially When the attack is at a very slow visual pace.

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