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Solar Smash APK 2021

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1.4.1 for Android
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Apr 03, 2021
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4.4 and up
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The well-crafted simulator program in the form of "Solar Smash" from a realistic perspective aims to create a real gaming experience that allows players to have fun destroying planets in a variety of harsh environments. The game offers a variety of different types such as natural weapons, nuclear weapons, alien spaceships and mysterious creatures.

"Solar Smash" is different from other types of simulation of mobile games. This game is less of a game and more of a real simulator. First, the game doesn't have advertising settings like a lot of activities, gameplay, and free settings, and there aren't many ads that affect the gaming experience. Second, the game has real art content. Whether it’s the shape of a well-crafted earth or stunning extraterrestrial creatures, the simple and exquisite graphics can provide players with spectacular visual enjoyment. After all, the game uses relevant data from official organizations such as NASA, NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute in the US and tries to recreate a very favorable experience environment.

Solar Smash gameplay is open and free. Players can pick up black holes, meteors, asteroids, atomic bombs, alien spaceships and mysterious creatures as weapons to destroy planets other than the original Earth. Other than that, the game offers players a variety of planets, including some high-tech planets with powerful energy shields. Thanks to the game's extremely high cutting benefits, any planet-destroying weapon can achieve a very real destructive effect, from surface destruction to penetration into the center of the earth and destruction of the green, blue earth in the dark core. Is. The rising death star can only be felt through the player's finger.

"Solar Smash" adopts a horizontal design style. The overall picture is simple, realistic and delicate. The exact size of the image and the simple weapon symbol create sharp contrasts. Each operation of the player causes various damage to the planet. The damage will be reproduced accurately on Earth instead of just the original destruction. From the destruction of the surface to the destruction of the core, players experience the entire process of the planet from its complete disappearance.

"Solar Smash" is like a free mobile game that allows players to experience vents and quirky simulations. You can swallow a planet with endless black holes or summon numerous meteors to destroy the Earth's origin and spread it throughout the universe. You can also summon mysterious creatures with immense power and size. Forcibly destroy the planet from within. Especially when the player sees that the earth is completely destroyed, he will realize that various creatures, including humans, are very fragile and vulnerable.

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