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This War of Mine 2020 Apk

App By:
11 bit studios
1.5.7 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 17, 2019
OBB installation location -> /sdcard/Android/obb/com.elevenbitstudios.twommobile/How to set APK OBB?
20 MB
Required Android:
4.0 and up
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Mankind, who loves the most complex thing in the world, is light and dark. When faced with the brutal war that two sides of morality survive in order to survive? - Apkanikshkcom

Human nature, with both light and dark sides, is the most complex thing in the world. Bit StudPhone, a game developer from Poland, has taken my advantage here for a battle that makes the bottom line a horizontal war game. The game is seen in the 1992-1995 Bosnian War, in which the player played against well-equipped soldiers but innocent refugees suffer a brutal fire. If you want to survive this war, you have to find every effort to use all the available resources in this broken city.

The game comes to life, the system settings are closed to the real game is a dilapidated house, three survivors of the battle for rescue operations began to exist. Although the house is gone, as a sanctuary, there are several select items to start the game, three characters, what to do, and some useful things in the house on the palmprint icon, need to dig out. Given the lack of some used daily needs and props for game production, so I started saving progress on various steps, some steps to be wrong can't set the path to fear.

For the survivors of the game system living reality, time is very close, because for such survivors, such as sleeping, eating and drinking. Survivors are not evil, and if they do not give them time, or sleep and the rest of their food, they will lose their temper and flee home. In addition, they also seem to worry about mood swings, robbery, every time after the murder, mood depression, negative emotional problems to solve not only drinking mental problems, but it will. Realistic set, of course, easy to bring even game players.

The role of different forces is very important as role-playing in such different ways. During the day you can only survive the evening of home activities with games. Depending on the night of impact of the will, the supply can seriously take a role in the city to see a reasonable alternative level of player revenue. For example, a woman reporter in Katia is good for negotiating and can always buy large quantities of goods at low prices. Boris, but slowly walking more and seeing more blood and joining their 17 tests under a lot of flexibility, is a huge bag with almost unique features of hit candidates for almost every role that developers use here are different combinations of simple roles, play games or very. Different difficulties, short paragraphs deserve this game.

City, many areas every night, each area is not only a text description of selected research, but the card is also very careful.

Ethics, or rather a protective city about life, join players to make difficult decisions again when the heart dies. There are many ways similar cities get dealers to provide them with share supplies, or to steal goods from other people's homes. This is a peaceful place. They do not give any time, and if that is not enough, it may be necessary to consider the use of force. Robbery, criminal fire, murder and incarceration In real life, we need to discuss how great evil actions are considered, oppression, how you choose?

When you do what happened to him on stage, he saw the room and two defenseless seniors that walked away, but he died of hunger, and all the deliveries he chose to survive were robbed, but when he saw two old men. Still didn't answer, didn't think easy. After the incident, allegations he was at it, and when he saw it, he'd been angry a long time ago. It's a game down that virtual but sad feeling is really true in our hearts.

The longer the life, the longer the game is survived as a player, the option of which will be recorded by all, live support survives 45.en the day is based on the system will be alive for each survivor to finish the sentence. At the same time again the history of the players will be by all players will appear at this time. The player is silent about this summary error appearance that he was making, but also the chance of players repeating the wrong behavior, can only too much of the time?

Each option in the game is subject to moral torture. If you want to survive, you have to resort to any tool, or you can go hungry. If you want to help other survivors, you must pay for content that is rarely needed. The results are likely to help others, and you will die. Or a partner. Mine is good, but fewer angels than I am guilty of, but not all of the demons that survive.

Black and white pictures say, if only the words "" survival "" and play, daily life, daily needs and equipment, content storage system, mutually inevitably put the game around with various employees, war. The main colors are only black and white, but it is true that the tragic scene of the war years of the game screen.

During the game, the players do not expect the game to be fun, especially as though the appearance of the game does not want to be blinded more in the second half of the game. However, an asset for the game, the story allows players to plug them deeper, and even a survivor can like the love and hate described. As much as the "Mine of War" effect "the player", it comes to my inaction to remind me of our apathy and war, when we were off fighting the game. He warns the world with a yellow image: No matter how intense combat, it is helpless, the collapse of life always darker person in the drama and ruins, see bloody scenes.

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