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Reigns: Her Majesty APK 2021

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1.0 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
संशोधित किया गया:
अक्तूबर 17, 2019
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4.3 and up
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डाउनलोड Reigns: Her Majesty APK 1.0

"" "Reigns: Her Majesty" "Putting his predecessor in. In launching the movement and out-of-state, knowledge and wisdom, still open, out of greed and jealousy, the queen was endangered in a new era. Rule: The Queen, new characters and new With Demands, New Challenges and New Imperial Inventory System.

The state "" is the queen of four forces weighing the needs of the king. "" Any power, too much or too little, will lead to the overthrow of the crown and the fall of the queen. Couriers and subjects, balance the power with their freedom to make changes with a make-up request, and all players accept the right, refusal or right to infringe on the left.

The players have to identify the ruler in addition to the sequel. The game framework does not undergo any major changes. The biggest difference is the subtle changes in the status quo: against the king, who actually played in the hands of the state to control the players, it is one of them - Queen.-ApkMix.Com

The many possibilities about her are just things that remain queen: The Kings' many conversations are a labyrinth of Queen Girls (similar to the former Joker) and identity Garden Line fell from the classic fairy tale with many system magic mirrors. The queen who plays the player descends, like green hunters, camels or ministers or even foreign fighters - has an even more interesting friend system. And if you meet [perfume] lovers in the Sahara, or highlight the girl initiative highlighting the luck, don't wait to feel really exciting.

Before and after death ... Well because of these same components, at this time you can still find a way to eliminate the many complex options, the ultimate end of existence of the ruler of every generation in reality. Churches, people, armies, like the previous example of Walt, there are eight numerical means to end. The end of the game is when the four stores either reach the top or fall.

Of course, the game can total a total of 26 types right to kill in addition to these eight types, you can also use the long rule) and other deaths are traditionally experienced without the old death law (the result appears with the death of a queen title law).

Of course, the chip is an important collection of game elements of any kind but you should know that the game has more butterfly effect as the core of the game. The options have more influence than previous encounters in practice: you may be deeply saddened by the departure of investigators and, consequently, the growing gap between you; It is only a rock public line and the green churches appear red vision as the challenge to launch a long tug of hatred and war with the church, as time was proclaimed happily. What is more respected, in fact, is that what you really do is "open" every game, depending on the occasion this time, there are a few options that you like to make. Many options need to appear independent and just to keep prices, but they really affect all the more far-reaching - it's like the real political scenario: the whole body of the complex can move through ever-careful thinking, always pausing the current situation.

There is also exists in the book that grieves the queen's soul. However, before the contrast, "" Mother of all things "" game a few weeks late and offers its own gifts: a meaningless magic wordless book clear player withdrawal key theatre content.

Just a game ruler something "" yes "" that "" no "", it seems, because the majority of players will do gameplay. But in fact, it is probably the real presence of politics and power. Most of the life experiences make the choice, and the power gone from the choice people make is crucial. The important alternative to making every key for the historical node, step, is that the world will be destroyed by this pattern is wrong.

Since then the number of cards has been increasing, and the story is more random, hard substitute face: If you want to plan carefully for the game this week, or you go ahead and back when selected in the opposite direction, maybe cut the last dull knives. Happy deadlock. The average supply of personal hard power, so the balance in the game story will just turn into something beautiful bubble ......

And when the next rebirth begins, you'll raise your mind.

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अपने Android डिवाइस के लिए Reigns: Her Majesty APK 2021 डाउनलोड करें। यहां आप अपने एंड्रॉइड फोन, टैबलेट या किसी अन्य डिवाइस के लिए Reigns: Her Majesty APK 2021 फाइल को मुफ्त डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं जो एंड्रॉइड ओएस का समर्थन करता है।

यहां 1, 00, 000+ से अधिक निशुल्क और प्रीमियम एंड्रॉइड एपीके एप उपलब्ध हैं, जिन्हें आप अपनी जरूरत के अनुसार चुन सकते हैं। आप जिस भी तरह के ऐप की तलाश कर रहे हैं, उसमें से कैटेगरी चुनें, जो आपको आसानी से और जल्दी मिल जाए।

सभी ऐप्स आपकी आवश्यकताओं के आधार पर हैं, यहां किसी भी ऐप को सीधे डाउनलोड करने के लिए हमारे प्लेटफ़ॉर्म का उपयोग करने के लिए आपका हमेशा स्वागत है।

हमने लगभग सभी एपीके एप्स फाइल उपलब्ध कराए हैं जो सीधे डाउनलोड के लिए उपलब्ध हैं। हमारे प्लेटफ़ॉर्म का उपयोग करने का मुख्य लाभ यह है कि आपको अन्य प्लेटफार्मों की तरह पंजीकरण या साइन अप करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है।